Few things about smoothies

Few things about smoothies

It’s worth a noting a few things about smoothies before we run and get our blenders.  Smoothies are different to Juices and there is a place in our lives for both.

Smoothies are made from “whole” ingredients.  This means nothing is taken away.  They are made in a high speed blender, which pulverizes the entire contents in to a smooth textured drink. Other items can be added to smoothies that aren’t quite as successful in a Juicer – have you tried juicing an avocado before?  Nut butters, seeds, oils, mushrooms and many, many more, are all examples of what can be blended in a smoothie, that need to stay out of the juicer!

The benefits of a smoothie include-

  • You get the whole ingredient and therefore a much more nutrient dense drink, full of all the vitamins and minerals available.
  • You get to include ingredients that you can’t juice and still incorporate them in to a drink.
  • They can feel a little more indulgent than a juice, even though they are still healthy!
  • They will fill you up, as the insoluble fiber has not been removed.
  • They also still contain soluble fiber that is associated with regulating blood sugar levels and lowering cholesterol.
  • You can tailor them to meet your dietary requirements.  For example, if you want a mood boosting drink, you can add Brazil nuts and their ability to create brain happy serotonin!  Not getting adequate Omega 3?  The produce a smoothie using Omega 3 rich seeds, like flax.
  • Blenders are cheap to buy so an easy Hydro Fitness plan to begin with.
  • Blenders are usually easy to clean.

The Not So Good Benefits

It can be easy to over eat with smoothies.  They can be used as a meal replacement or snack but ought not be to added to an already nutrition packed meal.

If you don’t have a blender yet, don’t despair.  You may have a stick blender that you can try some of these recipes out on?  So get whizzing and get drinking.

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