10 reason why you should start to eat clean

10 reason why you should start to eat clean

Many people have a combative relationship with their food, due to years of fluctuating weight and poor health, as well as eating products that are processed and simply bad for you,There should be no side effects from a great meal. Clean eating will forever change how you perceive food because the benefits of this lifestyle will be evident in your mirror and in your body after a very short time on the plan. Depending on your initial physical state and commitment to clean eating, you might experience some of the following benefits sooner than others.

1- General Feeling of Well-Being

Eating nutritious, healthy food and avoiding foods clogged with fat, sugar, and preservatives will make your body feel great. How could it not, when all the building blocks of good health are sitting on your plate? There will be a spring in your step, and you will feel motivated to continue on your clean eating journey.

2- Better Immune System

An effective disease-fighting immune system starts with the food you eat, especially colorful fruits and vegetables packed with vitamin C, other antioxidants like betacarotene, plus vitamins and minerals. Vitamin C can increase the number of antibodies and white blood cells available to fight off disease and infections. Zinc can also increase white blood cell counts.

3- Improved Sleep

Sleep is a crucial component of good health, and lack of sleep can have serious detrimental effects on the body. All the nutrients found in clean eating foods help stabilize and regulate the hormones responsible for supporting deep sleep at night. There is also a definitive link between sleep deprivation and obesity. Getting seven to eight hours of quality sleep a night can also help with your weight loss goals.

4- Increased Energy Levels

Many people rely on the artificial, fleeting energy rush they get from either caffeine or sugar to get through the day. This artificial high is usually followed by a crash that requires another unhealthy boost, which creates a vicious cycle and a tired body. Clean eating provides a sustained slow energy boost that comes from a steady release of sugar—achieved by combining proteins with complex carbohydrates and fiber, as is found in Greek yogurt and fruit. This combination provides energy all day with no midmorning or midafternoon crash.

5- Healthy Hair and Clear Skin

The first areas of the body that suffer when you are not getting enough nutrients in your diet or are eating too much harmful food are often you hair and skin. They are like a barometer of good health. Whole, clean food and adequate hydration will flush harmful toxins and free radicals from your body, creating a youthful glow and lustrous, healthy hair.

6- Improved Mental Clarity

Your brain is like any other organ in the body: It needs a steady influx of vitamins, fats, proteins, essential fatty acids, and minerals to help it run well. Clear thought, mental alertness, and decreased fatigue are all results of clean eating. The high level of antioxidants in produce may also help protect the brain from the ravages of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

7- Decreased Body Fat

Many people start the clean eating diet to lose weight, and while clean eating is not a weight-loss diet, losing weight is a natural result of eliminating empty-calorie processed foods and eating whole, nutritious foods. All the foods you avoid when eating clean are key contributors to obesity. All the foods you eat—clean, healthy food—will fill you up and stop food cravings without adding empty calories to your body.

8- Decreased Risk of Cancer, Heart Disease, and Diabetes

Cancer, heart disease, and diabetes are the major causes of death around the world. These diseases can be prevented by diminishing their common risk factors, which include obesity, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, and a sedentary lifestyle. All these risk factors are decreased when eating clean.

9- Improved Mood

Depression and mood disorders can have their roots in vitamin and nutrient deficiencies. Increased availability of vitamins and minerals through healthy eating can improve mood. Some whole foods also contain vitamins that help produce mood-elevating chemicals in the body, such as dopamine from vitamin B6 contained in sunflower seeds and cooked tuna. Also, when you are energized and maintain a healthy weight, you will feel attractive and confident.

10- Prevention of Age-Related Ailments and Conditions

Many debilitating diseases associated with old age are preventable with healthy clean eating. No matter when you start eating clean (in your twenties, fifties, or even seventies), your body will respond by becoming the efficient machine it is meant to be. Providing the right fuel can keep joints lubricated and pain free, improve mobility, and help create a positive outlook well into the golden years.

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